Duke Music Tutors

What We Do

DMT is a student-led organization that seeks to empower children in the Durham community by supporting music education.

How We Do It

We work with Kidznotes and Walltown Children's Theatre.

A typical day volunteering may involve...

Who We Need

Anyone with a basic background in music who wants to get involved in Durham, work with kids, keep music education alive, and/or find a cool community of musicians. All we ask is that you volunteer one hour each week.

How to Join

Send a quick email to one of us at any time; you'll find our contact links here. We're open to questions and look forward to having you join!

Be sure to catch our table at the Activities Fair to pick up stickers and other goodies, learn more about DMT, or just chat!

Meet the 2017-18 Executive Board

Sarina Madhavan, President (Contact)

Vinay Kshirsagar, Vice President (Contact)

Cristina Lai, Treasurer (Contact)

Derek Shu, DMT Community Chair (Contact)

Susie Choi, Recruitment & Outreach Chair (Contact)

Ryan Kramer, Fundraising Chair (Contact)

Andrew Eurdolian, Faculty Chair (Contact)

Jana Lu, Secretary (Contact)


No updates to show at the moment. Check back later or contact us with questions!

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